Frequently Asked Questions about vinyl wraps

      What is vinyl?


Vinyl is a durable, elastic material. One side bears adhesive, and the other holds the ink/graphics. A vinyl wrap is the process of manipulating and contouring vinyl to a surface. Through pressure sensitive technology and heat, vinyl can adhere to many different contours, surfaces and vehicles. In a sense, it is a highly advanced sticker.


      What are the benefits of vinyl graphics?

For business purposes, publicity and advertisement. Graphics and vehicle wraps will generate thousands of views each month for your company. For personal vehicles, it can drastically change the cars look, color, and protect the OEM paint.

               Will a vehicle wrap hurt paintjobs?

If a vehicle has an OEM or professional paintjob, it will cause no harm and can be removed at any time. Its strongly recommend to remove a full vehicle wrap within 5 years after installation. Indoor graphics and certain other graphics can last much longer as they aren't exposed to the elements.

      How long does vinyl and a vehicle wrap last?

This completely depends on how the vehicle or wrapped surface is maintained. For instance, if a vehicle is garaged and not abused, a wrap can last up to 5 years or more. Interior wraps such as wall murals & frosted films are expected to last much longer, often 7+ years. If the vehicle is exposed to a lot of sun and mileage, it will generally last between two to three years. Most wraps are warrantied for two years through the manufacture.

      Does Hammerhead Graphics only provide vehicle wraps?

More than half of the projects I work on are not cars or trucks. I have extensive experience with corporate & office graphics including wall murals, frosted, signage, and more. However, I am also extremely proficient with full on color changes. In short, I can do anything from wrapping a 40' trailer or exterior building windows, to wrapping a sports car hood in carbon fiber.